Head of Engineering

Software Engineering Leadership for Climate Action

Get in on the ground floor as one of the first 10 employees of a team poised for growth. Folks with non-traditional backgrounds and those from under-represented groups in the energy/engineering fields are encouraged to apply.

In short:

We're building B2B software to speed up decarbonization and climate adaptation of existing multifamily buildings everywhere. Come work with Bomee Jung and Marc Zuluaga, PE in bringing our market-transforming solutions…well, to market! You’ll help us get from MVP to fully realized software solution, build out the team, and help solve thorny implementation problems standing in the way of doing carbon-responsive construction.

  • Compensation: ~$190,000 per year plus competitive benefits, including stock option plan
  • Fully remote. Not "remote, except you should come in on Tuesdays." Just remote.
  • May require occasional travel to major metros including NYC

What to expect of the hiring process:

  • Resume Review: Please be patient with us :)
  • Stage 1
    • 30-min technical screen.
  • Stage 2
    • The first interview is all about you. We’ll want to know what motivates you, how you like to work, and what we totally should have included in this posting but didn't.
    • The second interview will be about us and our potential together. We'll ask you to sign an NDA so we can share relevant confidential information.
    • Technical deep-dive. Please reserve 2 hours.
    • Around about the same time or shortly after, we may check your references.

We plan to do Stage 2 interviews starting November. We think this is a supremely important role and so we're going to take the time necessary to make sure we find the right leader who can grow with us for the long haul. If you have timing constraints, please let us us know (but also please be aware that we will be deliberative).


You'll probably feel energized on our team if you like:

  • Bringing your whole self to work
  • Working all-remote with autonomy and flexibility
  • Making an impact and creating visible, positive changes
  • Learning and being creative i.e. exploring, experimenting, and discovering
  • Being great and taking pride in the excellence of your work
  • Sharing your expertise and insights
  • Encouraging your teammates' growth and progress 
  • Excitement and a little bit of risk and adventure

On the flip side, you might not be happy on our team if you don't believe:

  • Climate action and climate justice are important challenges to address
  • Diverse perspectives help drive better decisions
  • Cooperation and collaboration can help solve big problems faster
  • Self actualization is a worthy goal and healthy work/life balance is important
  • It's okay to enjoy yourself while solving serious, important problems

About YOU

You have an entrepreneurial spirit, experience working in small/early stage technology startups, 5 years or more of software engineering leadership experience, and solid tech skills in multiple languages.

You are an engineering leader who values curiosity, aptitude for innovation, and helping the team thrive. You love writing code, and to lead by example as a Player/Coach while building a high-performing team. You thrive in an environment where you can switch your time between high-level strategic planning and working through specific engineering tasks.

Your experience in multiple software teams has given you well-formed opinions and skills in delivering quality software on a predictable cadence. You’ve worked closely with product managers, and might even have worn a product hat in the past, and/or have strong competencies in UX.

You're also ready to flex your commitment to environmental, social, and economic justice, and excited to join us on our climate justice mission.


These are meant to be directional, not prescriptive.  Research has shown that some applicants are more likely to self-select based on a strict reading of the requirements.  We are an inclusive organization - If you have passion for climate tech and engineering and you meet many but not all of the below, you are encouraged to apply.

  • 5 years or more of Software Engineering leadership, while maintaining significant hands-on skills.
  • 8 years or more of experience in any single programming language, and ideally at least 1-2 years experience in one or more additional languages.
  • Our stack is PHP/Laravel, Postgres, & Python. There is potential to move the webapp’s UI to a SPA, so experience with Typescript, React, Vue or Svelte would be useful.
  • Experience with modern data pipelines, data warehousing, SQL and analytic queries.

About your role

You will play a key role in the leadership of the company, shaping our technology vision, strategy, and execution. We are proud to be an organization cultivating a horizontal culture, embracing personal autonomy and mutual support. If you haven't worked in an organization like this before, no sweat - but it is important that you can align your management style to this way of working.


  • Foster a collaborative and high-performing work environment by personally exhibiting our values and best practices 
  • Provide strategic direction to the engineering team, ensuring alignment with the our goals and objectives
  • Oversee the development and execution of our technical roadmap, driving innovation and scalability
  • Establish and maintain engineering best practices, processes, and standards, ensuring efficient and effective development methodologies
  • Actively contribute in the design, development, and testing of complex software systems
  • Collaborate with and across business domains to define and execute strategies to scale the company
  • Drive recruitment efforts to attract top engineering talent, conducting interviews and facilitating hiring decisions

Day-to-day, you’ll be:

  • Writing code: fun-to-write code as well as code no one wants to write, but has to get written.
  • Talking to people and listening actively
  • Problem-solving, architecting, and sometimes saying "let's make a decision right now"
  • Paying attention to the details that matter to customers
  • Encouraging and modeling adoption of day-to-day practices that make it easier to produce quality product
  • Creating and experimenting with horizontal practices

Skills & Competencies

All roles require our shared competencies for “managers of one”. In addition:

  • Open-minded Pragmatism: Value picking the right tool for the job over ivory-tower purism
    Sound judgement on balancing scalability, maintainability, etc. and speed of deployment
  • Communication Competencies
    • Writes concise, clear, plain-English documents, missives, and presentations. Cultivates disciplined editing habits honed for disambiguation and accessibility
    • Exercises social awareness and empathy in interpersonal interactions
    • Highly responsive to both internal and external stakeholders
  • Achieving results: In short, “gets stuff done.” Sets clearly-defined objectives, manages resources, and monitors team’s performance in meeting the assigned deadlines and milestones.
    • Break down big goals into achievable chunks
    • Think in iterations
    • Honestly assesses results and progress
    • Creation and stewardship of the operational strategy of their business unit, keeping on top of high-level needs and gaps for the smooth functioning of the domain (budgets, tools, resources, etc.) and conducting astute negotiation and contract management for vendors and consultants, grants, etc
  • Risk awareness: Ability to recognize risks before they threaten, mitigate them when they arise, and recover from the damages they may cause. 
    • Conceptualize and categorize business risks relevant to the program or product
    • Maintain awareness of available mitigants
    • Watch for when risks open up opportunities
  • Customer-service oriented:  Strives to understand the customer’s needs broadly within the context of the customer’s market and seeks to provide positive experiences for the customer
  • Best-Practices Orientation: Understands what industry/practice-area best-practices ought to be adopted given where we are in our organizational stage, and works to keep processes as simple as possible to achieve high-quality outcomes while anticipating what will need to change over time as we grow.
    • Weighs the process overhead today vs organizational sustainability tomorrow
    • Identifies gaps and creates iterative solutions to solve for them
    • Assesses results and progress honestly
  • Collaborative: Takes into consideration the needs of fellow domain-area practitioners and those of other affected teams in building out processes, operational goals, and operational strategy through inclusive decision processes.
    • Uses the horizontal decision processes
    • Considers the impact of operational decisions on individuals, teams, and the organization and company culture as a whole.
  • Transparency-promoting: Constantly promotes practices and processes that enhance transparency, with the goal of enhancing organizational sustainability, supporting inclusive decision-making, supporting managers of one, and clarity of purpose.
    • Creates processes that bake-in transparency (e.g. code commenting standards)
    • Embraces building a culture of written, explicit knowledge over one of oral, tacit knowledge in order to lower the bar for open participation
    • Encourages participation, through influence and example-setting, active and enthusiastic participation in building institutional memory

Let's Talk!

About the company

Stable, high-quality housing is prerequisite for people to achieve their human potential. We called our company Cadence OneFive because hitting the pace of climate action to keep global warming to 1.5°s above pre-industrial temperatures is critical to ensuring that everyone everywhere enjoys high-quality housing that they can afford and that is resilient to the effects of climate change. So, we're building B2B software to speed up decarbonization and climate adaptation of existing multifamily buildings. Cadence OneFive is a public benefit corporation pursuing both a climate justice mission and profits.

Cadence OneFive Inc.  does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, religion, creed, sexual orientation, military status, predisposing genetic characteristics, marital status, domestic violence victim status, or other characteristic protected by federal or state law in its programs and activities, including but not limited to recruitment and appointment of employees, employee pay and benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment.