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Shared Competencies

Shared competencies are skills that every member of our team, regardless of role, should work to develop and refine because they are critical to success as a team of “managers of one.”

1. Awareness

Practice self-awareness and context-awareness.

“Highly self-aware individuals are able to turn their focus and critiques to themselves, observing their current emotional and mental state. People who are truly self-aware separate their decision-making from their emotions; they control and manage their thoughts, rather than having their thoughts and emotions control them.” Source


  • Regularly and dispassionately assess own successes and failures
  • Ask for, listen to, and accept positive as well as critical feedback
  • Empathize with and take the perspective of others
  • “Read the room” and tailor the message to the audience

2. Open communication

Articulate their thoughts and ideas clearly, present information in a straightforward and logical way, and they ensure that they are understood.


  • Readily share useful information and knowledge with others
  • Consistently close the information loop by making sure they understood others and that others understood them
  • Truthful, realistic and constructive in the communication

3. Mutual support

Complete their own tasks for group projects in a timely and responsible manner and directly contribute to reaching the group goal.


  • Create a safe space where everyone can ask for help when needed
  • Assist others in the completion of their tasks to support the group goals
  • Build and maintain cooperative work relationships with others
  • Effectively collaborate in meeting and in informal interactions
  • Play to each others’ strengths

4. Self management

Assume personal responsibility for achieving outcomes


  • Work on the right tasks by ensuring they know their top deliverables
  • Finish what they start
  • Assume personal responsibility for achieving outcomes
  • Effectively manage their own time as well as support others' time management
  • Develop contingency plans in anticipation of possible problems & adverse consequences
  • Use technology to effectively track & steer their work
  • Know when to push on and when to take a breather